Links #7

Here are some links to things I’ve recently found that I thought were super interesting. The topics are all over the place. Enjoy!

Can we throw satellites into space? - A mini video-documentary about SpinLaunch, a giant centrifuge they are building to yeet things into space. Yes this is real. They are actually building this thing. 🤯

NukeMap - An interactive map where you can visualize the impact of dropping a nuke anywhere in the world. I used it to see what would happen if somebody nuked the Air Force base near me. Both educational and sobering.

Reflections on Software Performance - The main idea: software performance matters and it is underrated. I’ve noticed a general consensus in the industry that focusing on performance is a premature optimization, and generally wasteful. This article pushes back against that idea, which I found refreshing.

Energy Earthshots - I didn’t know this was a thing. I love how most of these initiatives focus on cost reduction of new energy technologies. It feels like the critical path to an abundant future. If you reduce the cost of energy you reduce the cost of everything.

Twine - A free online editor for making choose-your-own-adventure stories. My kids picked it up pretty quickly but it has a surprising level of power and customization (like adding your own custom CSS and JS). Tons of creative potential here.

Whoever writes, gets the attention - A newsletter piece about the power of writing as a marketing hack and career hack. Build a habit of writing and you’ll have more influence, wherever you go and whatever you do. It feels like simple advice that can make a huge difference.

No level of alcohol consumption is safe for our health - The WHO coming down hard on the detrimental effects of alcohol. Combine this with the recent Huberman Lab podcast on the topic and the case for drinking (even small amounts) starts to feel pretty thin.

Oh, the things I would do with the time I do not have! - Very relatable, especially this: “But that’s the thing about time you don’t have, you do productive, clever and creative things with it.” I’ve caught myself doing this before—building a narrative where I’d be so creative and accomplished if I wasn’t held back by my lack of time. It would be probably healthier to recognize it for what it is: an aspirational story that may be useful, if not true.

Line rider - A sandbox game where you build courses for sledders. If it sounds confusing, just see this example (there are hundreds of videos like this one on Yotube). Can I just say, I’m jealous of how beautiful this project is. Well designed, minimalist, smooth. So many clever features for saving and sharing. No spammy ads. You can sense the thoughtful polish that has been provided over years. I want to be able to build things like this so bad. If only I had time! 😉