Change the world with 5% more effort

Everyday, you do something that could be of benefit to somebody else. You’re inventing a new emergency baking substitution, or comparing cell phone data plans in your area, or creating a clever design for a tree house, or teaching somebody something.

Work like this is being duplicated across millions of people, in millions of households, all across the world. The same things are being re-invented, over and over. It’s really a big waste.

But imagine, if after you’ve done your research and made your conclusions, you exerted 5% more effort and shared it with the world online. The hard part would already be done… you just take your results and click publish.

Just think about it. You could provide somebody with exactly what they were looking for. Or maybe you’re work will serve as inspiration for somebody else. Or maybe somebody will take what you’ve done and enhance it, or make it better. You may recognize this as the open-source philosophy, but it doesn’t only apply to code.

I know someone who invented their own musical notation system. I know somebody who knows how to make fantastic works of art out of rejected scrap metal. I know somebody with an excel document where you put in your current age and retirement age, and it tells you how much money you should be saving each month in order to live off of the interest of your investments indefinitely. These things are fantastic but nobody knows about them because they failed to share.

You DO something every day. Why not share it with us?