These are the principles that help me make decisions.

  1. People are more important than things - I care about people and I invest in good relationships. It’s a small world, so I treat everyone as if I’ll be around them for years to come. Family comes first.
  2. Kaizen- Kaizen is a Japanese word that describes the concept of continual improvement. I seek continual improvement. I am a student of life and I embrace a growth mindset.
  3. Seek out critical moments - A critical moment is when a person does something unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or fear invoking. I choose to leave my comfort zone, which enriches my life and increases my capacities. I push myself.
  4. Go big - I am bold. I’m not afraid to stand out and take a risk. I take action without waiting to be anointed.
  5. Pay it forward - I recognize where I have been blessed and I return those same opportunities to those who come after me. I seek to serve people. I want to help others succeed.
  6. Surround yourself with greatness - I associate with amazing people. Maybe, over time, their greatness will rub off on me.
  7. Ask for help - I am willing to admit that I don’t know everything. I ask for help because I learn fastest by leveraging other people’s knowledge and experience. I’m willing to listen to other people, no matter their lifestyle, history, position, or prominence. In doing so, I hope to become more teachable and learn faster.
  8. Never settle for being mediocre - In doing great work, the little things matter. I seek to go that extra 5% that others are unwilling to go. I practice deliberately. I keep trying things, and if it doesn’t work, I try something else. I know that good is the enemy of great.
  9. Focus - It’s better for me to do one thing well then a dozen things poorly. I think hard about the things I want to focus on and then I commit myself fully. I strive for deep work, and I block out distractions in order to achieve it.
  10. Live with integrity - I’m honest, to a fault. If I give you my word, then I will deliver.