What I'm doing now

I’m at home in Dayton Ohio. It’s summer. ☀️

At Work

I’m working at Sparkbox, building web applications. I do a little bit of everything but I’m currently spending most of my time writing Go and building a serverless backend with GraphQL, Lambdas, and other AWS infrastructure.

I’m working out of my home office, which is nice. I’ve had to replace my biking routine with pushup, but I enjoy eating lunch with my wife and kids.

Whenever I get a spare evening, I usually spent it working on musicboxfun.com.

At Home

I haven’t read a lot of audiobooks lately but I still enjoy the occasional podcast. Evenings I do daily demos with my kids. Saturdays I do a lot of reluctant home maintenance. Sundays I spend all day with my family.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now page.

This page was last updated: July 14th, 2020