Let's Get Creative

A collection of high-quality, free, online creativity tools.

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This page is designed to be a safe, bookmarkable, creativity resource for kids and adults. The creativity tools below are cross-disciplinary and cover a range of skill levels.

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In order for a tool to be added to this collection, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Online: accessible at a URL and usable in your web-browser (Chromebook-friendly!)
  2. Low friction: free to use and doesn't require an account (at least for basic functionality)
  3. Shareable: creations can be saved or shared (via share url, downloadable image, etc)
  4. High-quality: the tool is safe for all ages and doesn't have pop-ups or excessive ads

If you have a tool that you think should be included follow these instructions to recommend it.

If you discover an issue with one of these tools (it no longer meets the criteria, link is broken, etc), you can report it here.

The tools in this collection were built by creative people from across the internet and this site would not be possible without their efforts. ❤️

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