Made in 2020

When the virus arrived early last year, bringing a wave of remote work, lock-downs, and layoffs, there were a lot of people who found themselves with more time on their hands.

I was not one of those people. My commute disappeared, but I had increasing responsibilities at work and church, not to mention homeschooling and house projects. Despite this, I was still able to build several things I was proud of last year.

Here’s what I made in 2020:

It was also a big year for me revisiting some old projects to release a new 2.0 version:

  • Twitter Timeline Eradicator (2.0)
    • I revived this defunct Chrome extension out of necessity because Twitter was a particularly gross place this year. Works like a charm.
  • Commit Colors (2.0)
    • This became my first public Golang project. It’s available via homebrew!
  • Your life (in weeks, months, and years)
    • I first made these in 2016. The new updates really improved SEO and made them easier to use and navigate.

Checkboxes, color swatches, and music box songs. It was a year of following my interests and not caring too much about what would be popular or profitable.

No regrets. It just felt right. We’ll see what feels right in 2021.