Links #1

I wanted to try just sharing some links to interesting things I’ve recently found. I’ve seen a couple other people writing posts like this, and I noticed that I really looked forward to them. Plus it’s a good way to be more open and boost people who are doing awesome work. So here we go.

  • Progress studies as a civic duty - This talks about how we live dramatically different lives than the people who lived 300 years ago, but most of us barely understand what foundational technologies make that possible. We don’t recognize what we have, and without that perspective, we grow dangerously complacent. I love this idea of studying progress itself and the author make a strong case that everybody should do it. It earned an RSS subscription from me.
  • The social obligation to be bad at things - Somehow we’ve ended up with a bunch of social norms that punish us from trying new things, and it hurts us from becoming our best selves. It felt like a great reminder to be supportive of ourselves and others.
  • How to keep your cool, no matter what - A few memorable lessons from dogsledding that apply broadly to any challenge. I loved the section called “There’s always a solution.” Being able to will your way to a solution is a superpower and one I want to develop more.
  • We become what we behold - A short online game with a sobering lesson. I feel like it strikes at the root of why there’s so much division (and media distrust) in society today. Very thought provoking.
  • How to be helpful online - Great communication advice coming from one person’s experiences from providing support in the #python IRC channel. It’s all about being self-aware, humble, assuming no fault, and meeting people where they are. It also applies to code reviews, emails, and pretty much any online interactions. This kind of stuff is especially valuable now, with so many people working remotely right now.