The Cure for Boredom is Superpowers

Do you think Superman ever gets bored?

No way. The dude can fly! He can chill on a cumulonimbus, fly up into space, and then skydive into a canyon pretending to be an X-wing pew-pewing the death star.

The cure for boredom is superpowers. And sure, we can’t fly like Superman, but we can get superpowers of our own.

Learn Photoshop, and you’ll have a superpower. You’ll be able to see what your bedroom would look like with blue walls, improve the lighting in your craigslist posting, make custom christmas cards, do your own wedding invitations, and more.

Get some design + programming skills, and you’ll have the ability to dream up video games, then turn them into reality. Add some music composition skills and you can do the soundtrack, giving it exactly that feeling that you see in your mind.

Get a camera + video editing skills, and you can teach anything you know to anyone in the world. Learn more techniques (stop-motion, animation, special effects), and your superpowers only get stronger.

Many of us haven’t been bored in years. If that sounds unbelievable, maybe you should learn to fly too.