Farnham Street: what post-education education should look like

I just wanted to share something quickly that I’ve been enjoying immensely.

For the last year or so, I’ve subscribed to a newsletter/RSS feed for a blog called Farnham Street, which I found via a recommendation.

It’s fantastic. I’m a huge proponent of self-directed, continual, informal education, and Farnham Street is what post-education education should look like. Farnham Street is to me, what Sesame Street is to my preschool-aged kids.

Its main premise can be summarized like this:

The best way to set yourself up for good future outcomes is knowing how to make better decisions.

The best way to make better decisions is to understand the world as it really is.

The best way to understand the world as it really is, is to build correct mental models that help you see the forces that shape everything.

The best way to build mental models is to learn from wise people and read wise books.

Wisdom is a long-term pursuit that requires regular thoughtful investments and produces tangible benefits. Ignore the news wasteland and the election dumpster fire. It’s all empty calories. There’s more nutritional food-for-thought out there.