Study under your Dream Team

Picture the most amazing semester of school of all time… one where each class is being taught by any living person of your choice. Who would you pick to be your teachers?

Maybe you’d have Elon Musk teaching Business 101 or Jony Ive teaching Industrial Design 200. How about Seth Godin teaching Marketing, Malcom Gladwell teaching Writing, and Neil deGrasse Tyson teaching Astrophysics.

You might think this situation is impossible (or prohibitively expensive), but it’s not. In fact, you can study under your dream team today.

Have an internet connection? Seth Godin puts up a new blog post every day. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk podcast has over 200 episodes of astrophysics goodness. Pretty much all these folks (and any others you can think of) are on Twitter and sharing what they’ve learned via TED Talks, Quora, blogs, books, interviews, and article submissions to online publications. Nearly all of it can be accessed for free online or through your local library.

They are teaching. Are you listening?