On April 14th 2013 I had an idea, and I thought it was pretty good. I’m kind of a podcast junkie and I wanted to start up a Podcast airing a series of stories about how the web is impacting the human experience. It would do for the web what Radiolab is doing for science. It would provide a representation of life in the connected age. It would be The New Aesthetic in audio form. I was pretty excited.

Of course, I had several projects on my plate at the time. Things got busy and the podcast went to the bottom of the list. You know how these things often go.

On September 17th WNYC launched a new podcast called TLDR, “a weekly podcast featuring short, surprising stories about the internet”.

At first I was crushed. Then I thought, you know, maybe this isn’t what I had in mind. Maybe it’ll be quirky and off-target. You know, an off-putting nerd-fest full of 4chan memes, sound effects, and internet subculture. Maybe it’ll just fizzle out.

But I started listening to it and guys, it’s awesome. SOOOOOOOO GOOD!

They’re doing such a great job with it, that I’ve realized that I just have to let my idea go. They’re doing everything with it that I ever dreamed to do (plus, they’ve got funds). Listen to it. Tell all your friends.

So go forth and conquer TLDR. Blow them out of the water.