Take the stage but share the credit

If you ever get a chance to take the stage, then do it. It could be giving a presentation, representing your team in a meeting, doing an interview, sending in your writing for a publication, or any number of opportunities. Taking the stage may be terrifying, which makes it a great distilling force that separates you from the others who let that fear hold them back. It doesn’t matter what stage you take… it could be singing at karaoke night. Anything to train you to face your fears.

Don’t worry about botching it. I’ve botched a lot of these opportunities, and life kept moving along. The bigger thing to worry about is knocking it out of the park and feeling so smug about it that you repel people with your ego. That, my friend, is how you really botch an opportunity. A lesson I’ve regrettably learned, on a small scale, the hard way.

So yes, take the stage, but share the credit.