Purging Life of Maintenance Costs

I’m a little bit obsessed about purging my life of maintenance costs. You know, those little things you have to do all the time in order to maintain a certain lifestyle. Things like dry-cleaning, weeding, changing lightbulbs, or replacing a sprinkler head. Now you may enjoy replacing sprinkler heads, but I don’t, and I’d rather apply my finite time to things I enjoy. 

Basically, I’m lazy.

But instead of just leaving it undone, I’d prefer to not have to do it in the first place. The common unquestioned American lifestyle, however, adopts a fractal of time-expenses like these. When you buy a car, you adopt a big batch of these expenses. Buying a house? Get prepared to spend your weekends maintaining it. Life is short and time is valuable… have you ever really questioned if it’s worth the cost.

This guy has raised nearly a million dollars in his crowdfunding campaign because he invented a low-cost, low-effort, lazy-man’s food that you can mix up in a pitcher and eat exclusively for the rest of your life. Imagine how much more time you’d have if you never needed to cook or do dishes. Somebody pinch me.

Now, I’m not in the house buying mindset but I’ve had some interesting ideas. There’s always the condo option, but I’m thinking about things like low-profile, year-round christmas lights, or astro-turfing my lawn. 

Let me know if you get any other creative ideas.