Job security for knowledge workers

In this, the information age, knowledge is becoming less and less scarce. I know nothing about the manufacturing of light bulbs, but the information is in my pocket.

At the same time, communication of knowledge is becoming faster, easier, and more universal. It only takes 4 taps for me to send the light bulb information to your pocket.

At the same time, learning is becoming easier, cheaper, and more personal. Have you seen Khan Academy recently? Notice that I said “learning” is getting easier and cheaper, not “college.” 

At the same time, knowledge-based work is becoming less localized and more commoditized. Enhancements in technology means that the list of jobs being replaced by microwork is growing daily.

There are plenty of smart people in the growing economies of this world that would love to adopt your standard of living. If you are still basing your job security solely on what you know, then you are betting on a losing horse.