On Uni-tasking

My goal for the month of July was “uni-tasking,” or basically, the opposite of multi-tasking. To me, that meant being entirely dedicated to the activity at hand, whatever that activity was.

It took several forms for me:

  • It meant closing my work email at home and closing my personal email at work.
  • It meant running everything on my computer in full screen mode (by the way, if you’re on a Mac this little free app is a life-saver for managing that).
  • It meant turning off my phone when I was at church or on a date.
  • It meant I established “kinds of time” so I could be dedicated to family in the evenings and personal projects in the mornings.

It certainly wasn’t perfect. There’s always that thing that crops up, declares itself an emergency, and demands you pay attention to it. But I totally caught the vision. I did more work, I did better work, and (most importantly) I felt better about what I was doing. I highly recommend you find what uni-tasking means for you and go give it a shot.