Join the Conversation

In many ways, the internet is the people’s platform. It’s not controlled by any one organization. There’s no president of the internet. There’s arguably no cost barrier preventing anybody from participating (and the technical barrier is getting smaller every day).

And yet, most people are content to just watch from a distance. To peer inside and see what’s happening. You’re probably one of those people, since it’s generally understood that only 1 percent of you are actually creating the content online.

That means that if you do a Google search for a raspberry peanut butter sandwich and find 1 relevant result, then you can picture in your mind the other 99 people out there. Perhaps all of them have made such a sandwich and loved it, but haven’t told the rest of us about it. That’s too bad.

There’s somebody out there just waiting for you to share what you know, think, and believe. They can’t hear it if you don’t join the conversation.