Get 1 percent better, every day

I work with really smart people tackling really tough problems, and sometimes I feel totally intimidated. Some of these guys are working on their Masters in Computer Science degrees. Others have a rich education from a prestigious school.

A year ago, I had just moved out east, having spent most of my life in the slower, more lifestyle oriented suburbs out west. My job wasn’t related to my education. Out here, everybody was sharp, quick, and clever. I felt slow and stupid.

Perhaps as a coping mechanism, I started to think: Maybe their baseline skills are higher than mine, but I’m determined to catch up somehow. And I’ll do it by getting 1% better every day.

1% isn’t a lot, but every day is powerful. Like compounding interest, it will turn a small persistent effort into a powerful wave of growth. It’s slow, it’s relentless, and I think I can see it working.