The Training Sequence

One of my favorite scenes that comes up again and again in movies is the training sequence. It’s the scene where your unlikely hero, be it Kung Fu Panda, Neo, or the Karate Kid, undergoes intensive and focused training, led by their master in isolation. This continues until they finally emerge after a period of time as the master themselves.

Your art may not be Karate or Kung Fu, but if you want to master it, you need to be just as focused and train just as intensively. You can’t let the endless stream of distractions (incoming emails, text messages, that television series, your Xbox, or whatever it may be) get in your way, or the unlikely hero will always remain an unlikely hero.

Turn it all off. Silence all the voices. Do whatever you need to do.

Don’t live from day to day, but from training sequence to training sequence.

What is your next training sequence going to look like?