You don't have to be amazing… you just have to be consistent

When I was a student, I once visited an event for this club on campus called the Web Startup Group. It had a strong and thriving membership, out of which several successful startups have been born. I was a noob with a capital N. I didn’t know anything about the web, or startups, or anything in between. I had no background, no experience, and no wisdom. I sat in the back, watched, and left when it was over. Definitely not amazing.

But I kept coming. Again, and again, and again. Month after month. These guys were my heroes, and I wanted to be like them. The organizers noticed that I was very consistent, and after a bit of conversation, I became the technical trainer of the group. Each month, I’d hold a training on some technical topic. I got to meet a lot of people, I had loads of opportunities for freelance work, and I had a lot of fun.

This is a tiny example, with a point. My skills themselves were still pretty abysmal. I certainly wasn’t amazing.

But I was consistent. And in this world of indecision and fleeting wants, consistency IS amazing.