The Cost of Stuff

It isn’t just the dollars and cents on the price tag. Yes, that’s the upfront cost, but if you base your purchases on that alone, you may be in for a sour deal.

Have you considered:

  • The cost on the environment
  • The cost on your health, or potential health risk
  • The cost of your effort every time you need to move it
  • The cost of it forcing you to exert mental energy
  • The cost of future time that you will spend using it
  • The ongoing cost of it taking up space in your house
  • The ongoing cost of maintenance
  • The ongoing cost of cleaning
  • The ongoing cost of keeping it organized
  • The ongoing cost of it distracting you
  • The ongoing cost of it worrying you
  • The tolls of all these costs on your friends, family, and neighbors

When I think of the total cost, it’s hard for me to find much that is worth buying.