2012 Retrospective

I really love the Google Zeitgeist videos for the spirit in which they reflect on each year (see the ones for 2010, 2011, and 2012). These are fantastic for looking back at the big events we all experienced throughout the year.

I also like to put together an annual retrospective (see the ones for 2010 and 2011) to consider the things my family and I have experienced and the ways that we have grown. Let’s jump in.

2012 was amazing.

Our family grew by 33%, if you count number of people, or only by 3.5%, if you are counting biomass. We added 11,527 miles to our car and, collectively, we stepped foot in 1 Country, 1 Ocean, 8 airports and 23 States. Since last year, the number of books I read decreased by 58% but the number of blogs I subscribed to increased by 113%. I tweeted 176 times, posted 111 things on Facebook, and built 5 websites [1][2][3][4][5].

It was also the first year I:

Programmed a game
Put up a Facebook ad
Spoke on a radio show
Landed a salary
Saw a giant squid
Got a tweet from someone with 20K+ followers
Paid money for an eBook
Ran 5k at the National Mall
Ate food out of a dumpster
Met the President
Held my own garage sale
Visited San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Boston, and Washington DC
Walked through the Redwood Forest
Bled the brake lines on our car
Was interviewed on television
Attempted to grow a Mustache (I’ll spare you a link to that one)
Moved across the country
Got a smartphone
Ate octopus
Had an FBI background check
Bought a couch
Watched the US Presidential Debates
Graduated college
Had a son
Saw Marine One
Took a shower when the water couldn’t get as cold as I wanted
Cleaned up after a Hurricane
Saw a Jackson Pollack
Sent out a Christmas card
Juggled three diapers in the air
Had my Gmail account compromised
Contributed to open source

Then again, Holly made an 18 pound boy, entirely from her own bodily resources… which is something I could never do. It was also the first year she:

Spent 7 hours on a plane with 2 children under 2 years old
Made a homemade apple pie without accidentally substituting salt for sugar
Took a child to the emergency room
Went inside the Washington DC Temple
Hosted Thanksgiving dinner
Was elected county delegate at republican convention
Learned self-hypnosis
Ate chicken at Joe’s Crab Shack
Hit a traffic cone

What a year.

(Detailed Stats: 2011: 3 family members, 283 lbs, mileage=153629, read 12 books, total blog subscriptions=24. 2012: 4 family members, 293 lbs, mileage=165156, read 5 books, total blog subscriptions=51)